Construction company
ООО “Stroytehnologiya”
Renovation of apartments
ООО "Eurorepair"
Affordable luxury
Sale and rental of wedding dresses
Sales promotion by means of smells and flavors
Recreational equestrian center "Pegasus"
A unique place for an interesting and cognitive rest.
World Fitness
Sport. Beauty. Health.
F1 - Interior Salon
Soft areas, bedrooms, living rooms from top brands!
TD Mercury
Fire has always been the epitome of wealth and success!
Pegasus catering
From private parties to the most refined banquet.
Industrial design
The specialized enterprise for the production of complex metal structures.
Climate Ice
Systems of conditioning, ventilation and commercial equipment.
Chain stores"Beautician"
Chain stores"Beautician" - small shops at home.
A leading pharmaceutical company of the Ural region.
Magnate Plus
One of the market leaders in the production of household chemicals and cosmetics.